Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Baby Screams

This is an odd post.  The next entry in the 'waiting for the tranplant' journal of 2003 found me delving into more details of the reality that is being a dialysis patient.  One might think it would be a great time to reflect.  And for someone who finds writing therapeutic and conscious clearing, it would be a great time to write.  How many people get 4-5 hours of blank time 3 days a week?  Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to do anything.  In reality, it is a time to tune out.  For the most part, I kept this world to myself.  I rarely shared stories and discouraged visitors after the first few months as a patient.  However, I did write a few bits and pieces about dialysis and I have already swiped this particular entry for this very blog a few years ago. 

This actually works out well considering that this is the eve of a National holiday.  It's a re-run!

The Tuesday, August 12, 2003 journal entry can be found here.

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