Saturday, November 22, 2014

Nobody There

As the year has progressed, several great singles and EPs have been released for which I have written reviews.  I’ve waited for many of these bands to go ahead and release new full length albums before offering my thoughts, but several have not yet materialized.  So, over the next week or two, I hope to share my enthusiasm for some of these great singles that have come along during 2014 that I’ve neglected to share.

Veronica Falls
“Nobody There” 7”
(Beachy Head)

What a pleasant surprise this single turned out to be!  Late last year, I received an email message from veronica Falls about a limited edition 7” single to be released before years’ end.  I jumped at the chance and secured a copy, which actually finally showed up early in February - though the digital version has been available, while the vinyl version with a nice fold out screen printed sleeve (limited to 300) quickly sold out.  Veronica Falls have been a favorite ever since their debut of dread-filled songs came across my limited awareness in 2011 and the thought of a brand new single hot on the heels of their incredible second album Waiting for Something to Happen (my #4 pick of 2013) had me on the edge of my seat.

This could be taken as negative, but the A-side “Nobody There,” is no different than we’ve come to expect from Veronica Falls.  The song contains their wonderful forward momentum of jangling guitars, rolling drums, and amazing harmonies and it never ceases to get old, and as their songs have become bolder and tighter from their steady touring schedule and much better recorded, they sound like a band on a hot streak.  In fact, “Nobody There” could be one of the most joyous sounding songs about what seems to be complete isolation and loneliness one may ever hear.  The A-side’s rousing chorus – complete with handclaps – is letting us know that there is no one listening and that “there’s nobody there.”  Wow, that’s really depressing, but the message is wrapped inside such a pretty song, it harkens back to those lonely moments of dancing alone around my bedroom as a teenager to angst-ridden anthems (“Shut the door / don’t let them see / turn in circles endlessly”).

The B-side “Need You Around” is a more spacious song about loneliness, or an attempt to avoid it, as Roxanne Clifford pleas for someone to stay with her.  It’s up to us to decide if this exit is permanent, or just for the moment, but the desperation is palpable.  Plus, how many bands out there can create such ear catching vocal harmonies in just over two minutes?  This B-side is definitely not B material.  Both songs are as good as anything they’ve done so far, and that is about as high of praise as I can muster.

Veronica Falls "Nobody There"


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